Sergio Cabral


Penn SEC


Web Developer




The website for The Office of Social Equity & Community at the University of Pennsylvania is one I really enjoyed working on. As you can see the website is not overly complicated or bold like Project Bread, but the team and the missing behind it were all I needed.

The pursue of education took my grandma from a rural town in the Dominican Republic to the Capital, and the pursue of higher education took my generation from lower to middle class. I've seen the impact education can have. For that reason, working for higher education and specially if it is to promote inclusion and equity is always motivating. One of those times you know you're working towards something bigger than yourself.

Technically speaking the Home Hero is my favorite component, built using SwiperJS, it had to allow content authors to pick "Categories" for the slides but remain easy to populate and update. Nailed it!

This website was developed using HTML5, CSS/SaSS, JavaScript, and ApostropheCMS.